Come On In — We’ve Been Hoping You’d Stop By!

Welcome to our blog, On the House. That’s what you’ll find here — everything you can think of on houses, homes, construction projects, and renovations. We’ll be writing about what’s new, what’s on trend, what’s timeless.  And once a month, we’ll answer questions, too. So, please ask yours and we’ll do our best to educate, enlighten and maybe even entertain (!) 

We’re builders who love to build. There isn’t any aspect, from the very first meeting we have with a client, to the day they walk through the handcrafted door of their new home that doesn’t energize and inspire us. We take every moment of our jobs seriously. Because we know you’ll be spending an enormous amount of money on your home, and a good amount of your life in it. 

Aside from promising our clients that we can build them a home that reflects the way they want to live, we can promise them that the process of building will be transparent, engaging, exciting and something just a little bit unusual — enjoyable. Integrity and honesty go into every home we build. Values are integral in our process, and we’ve seen how that makes a difference in our client’s building experience.

We hope to see you again next month. And anytime you’re here, don’t forget to make yourself at home.