Turns out it really is better
to give than to receive.

While Ken is best known for building astounding homes, he’s also known for being someone deeply committed to giving back. For decades, Ken and his team have been helping organizations that need it. Whether it’s giving money, or giving time, Ken fervently believes in philanthropy. He says, “When you give to others, you make the world, and yourself better.” At Kenneth Vona & Son Construction we talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to being a company Built on Values.

Ken & The Community Foundation for MetroWest

Ken is a long-time volunteer, giving his time, his money and his good heart to those who need it most. So, it’s no surprise that he’s not only been a past Board Chair, but also a long-time trustee at The Community Foundation for MetroWest, a non-profit focusing on improving the quality of life in more than 30 MetroWest communities. In 2016, familiar with Ken’s giving nature and exuber- ant generosity, the organization honored his philanthropic work, with their Business Community Leader Award. As Judy Salerno, the Executive Director of MetroWest, said of Ken at the time, “Ken’s heart is much bigger than MetroWest. He cares deeply about many things and wants to help in any way he can.” This was as true then as it is now. Ken continues to offer a helping hand whenever and wherever he can.

Making the Makerspace at The Goodnow Library

The original Goodnow Library in Sudbury was built back in 1862 and expanded in the 1990s. And not long ago, Ken and his team were asked to donate their time to renovate once again. Their task was creating a “makerspace”, a community room where all ages could build and create, as well learn and teach new skills from traditional to technological. Because Ken has experience working on historic homes and buildings, he was the right choice to construct this new second floor town hub. From the high ceilings to the glass wall of windows that make up the entrance to this space, The Sara Sherman Now Lab utilizes not only the best of Ken’s master craftsmanship, but also his commitment to volunteerism.

Giving to The Greater Food Bank of Boston

Ken believes in philanthropy like he believes in the finest craftsmanship, so it was a no-brainer to sponsor a table at the Live and Dine 2023 Event, supporting The Greater Food Bank of Boston. Ken, Patrick and Tara attended the fundraiser, held at the stunning Mandarin Hotel. We put on our creative hats for the theme of our table, which was based on The Giving Tree. It featured rich green foliage in the center and 10 rustic place settings, each paying tribute (with informative bios) to the world’s 10 most philanthropic visionaries.

RoxWes Pre-School Gets a Mini-Rehab

Talk about school spirit! Recently, Kenneth Vona & Son Construction hit the playground at Rox-Wes Pre-school, where Ken’s two boys went to school long ago, and where Ken and the team have contributed countless hours and expertise ever since. Recently they updated the outdoor space to keep it safe, interactive, and kid-friendly. Rebuilding the Storage Shed, re-shingling and painting the Little House on the Playground, de-rusting the Teeter Totter, sprucing up the Fire Engine and power washing Fort Awesome were just a few of the improvements they provided. The kids gave them an A+ and a great big thank you card for their work.

Barkitecture: Building Doghouses that Save Dogs

Ken and his team joined other industry professionals to donate custom dog houses to the Hull Seaside Animal Rescue. Sold at live Auction, The Doghouse/Birdhouse/Lighthouse, designed by Susan Dinion of Roberts Dinion Architects brought in $8,000 to help advance a permanent shelter in Hull. Susan collaborated with Ken and his team once again the following year to build “Fenway Bark,” for another auction, raising more money that was to go straight to the dogs and another local shelter.

Annual Food & Toy Drives in our Own Backyard

in 2014, Ken and the team asked subcontractor partners, design partners and employees to make donations to the Foundation for Metrowest. This allowed Judy Salerno and her team to donate almost $40,000 to local food pantries and meal programs. That’s the kind of giving that hits home.

Homes For Our Troops

In 2006, An improvised explosive devise blew up local soldier Sergeant Brian Fountaine’s Humvee, destroying both his legs below the knee. He was forced out of combat and bound to bed. In 2007, Ken and his team worked with Home For Our Troops, a Taunton organization that fundraises and coordinates efforts for disabled veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Together they built a wheelchair-accessible bathroom in Sergeant Foundtaine’s home with grab bars and modified cabinets to thank him for his service and make his life a little bit easier.

Save a Dog’s Rescue Rehab

Save a Dog is a volunteer organization that’s truly a dog’s best friend. Adopting and fostering dogs from all over the country, since 1999, Save a Dog prepares homeless and abandoned dogs with shots, spaying and neutering, and lots of love, to help them find their forever families. Ken and the team helped renovate a home and rebuild a barn to create a state-of-the-art shelter for this amazing organization.

Mission Mississippi: You Don’t Just Help Your Neighbors, You Help Everyone

Waveland, Mississippi was ground Zero for a 40-foot tidal wave that destroyed the coast during Hurricane Katrina, leaving families without homes. In October 2007, Ken and his team led a 14-week building effort, working with more than 400 skilled tradesmen and 150 volunteers to build eight new homes for families in Waveland. Realizing how great the need was beyond the initial project, he expanded the project to help others, topping its initial $1.6M goal.