Honored to be named Builder of the Year by Builder + Architect

Everybody who’s ever worked with Ken knows, he’s one of the finest master builders in New England. So, when Builder + Architect magazine named him Builder of the Year, it was impressive, but no surprise to his team. “He’s always been Builder of the Year to us, said long time employee, Connor, who’s worked with Ken for the past 25 years.  Conor continued, “Ken’s talent and process are worthy of praise.”

As Builders + Architect says in their feature on Ken, “Whether it be a brownstone renovation, or a Georgian-style new build, Kenneth Vona and Son Construction doggedly pursues perfection resulting in unrivaled craftsmanship and exquisite detailing.”

Ken’s breadth of experience has made him as good at renovating a historic property as he is at creating a modern oasis. His depth of knowledge brings a level of impeccability that’s hard to come by.

Thomas P. Catalano of Catalano Architects has worked with Ken since 1997! They’re a perfect pairing, because, as Catalano says, “Ken shares my passion for craftsmanship and integrity, and it shows in his work.” He commends Ken for his tackling some of his most complex jobs with his unusually high standards and attention to miniscule details that make a difference. “His work ethic is outstanding, and he brings out the best in the craftspeople he works with,” says Catalano.

To mark being named “Builder of the Year,” partners, friends and family came out to celebrate Ken and his team at The Millennium Residences at Winthrop Center. Ken had a remarkable time at the event and was extremely grateful to all who gathered to help him enjoy the honor, but of course his humble spirit shone through. You’ll never find Ken boasting about his talent, but as Builder + Architect says, “In Boston building circles, there is a certain reverence, a certain knowing nod, that accompanies Kenneth Vona’s mention.” To quote D. Michael Collins, of D. Michael Collins Architects, “Kenneth Vona’s name and reputation have been synonymous with high-quality construction in New England for 30 years.”

Guy Grassi of Grassi Design Group says of Ken and his talented team, “The level of service they provide through the process, with extraordinary levels of options, mock-ups, samples, system alternatives and other refinements to the finished product, is among the best in our business and what one client of ours termed “white glove.” I am always grateful to work with Ken and his excellent team, as I know our designer will receive their finest craftsmanship and level of detail.”

While being named Builder of the Year is a great accomplishment, for Ken, it’s just another day at the office. “Awards and accolades are nice,” says a modest Ken, but what’s important to me is just being able to produce the best work I possibly can for my clients. If they’re happy, that’s award enough.”

Click here to see the issue of Builder + Architect that names Ken Builder of the Year.

It’s chock full of pictures and details about Ken’s work from the perspectives of his many partners and himself.