When Ken started out, his dad told him, “If you’re going to build something, put your name on it.”

His meaning: Always do your best, always work your hardest, and always stand by your principles. Ken took his dad’s advice, and 35 years ago, he built his first company, with his name on it, of course, and created some of the most magnificent custom homes on the East Coast. In 2022 he began his current company, Kenneth Vona and Son Construction, with a mission to keep building astounding homes, while passing on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation—his son and his team. And finally, he put his name on Kenneth Vona Millwork (formerly Dartmouth Millwork) which was originally conceived to craft custom pieces of trim, molding, cabinetry and furniture, exclusively for his own projects, but with a new name came a new idea—of opening the Mill up to everybody, from contractors to architects, designers and stylish DIYers.

As Ken’s companies have grown, and recognition like being named Builder of the Year by Builders + Architects and being named Custom Home Builder of the Year by Modern Luxury Interior’s Best of Luxury Design 2024.— some things haven’t changed. Ken’s commitment to exquisite craft, his guarantee of next-level client service, and his knowledge that building an outstanding team is the first step to building an outstanding home. Ken’s ability to find and attract employees who are as committed to craft and old school values as he is, has never wavered, and it shows.

When Ken isn’t working, he’s still working—on the multiple philanthropies he supports. Whether it’s revamping a pre-school playground, or improving a community library, or consistently giving his time to the Community Foundation for MetroWest, Ken considers giving back to be one of his most important jobs.

If you’re interested in building a house that defies your expectations, with people who consider craft and ethics paramount, call Ken to book a consultation. We guarantee you’ll instantly feel right at home.