Whoever said there’s
no “I” in team must have been
talking about us.

We’re a company who works together. While we’re all different and offer complementary skills and experience, we’re all here for one thing and one thing only: To build the best homes we can every single day. Oh, and to have a little fun doing it. So far, so good.

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Ken: Master Builder, Entrepreneur, Do-Gooder. Baseball Cap Wearer.

Smart, humble, down-to-earth, and one of New England’s top master builders, Ken’s 35 years of work is in a class all its own. Using the finest craftsmanship and materials available, building relationships with everybody from employees to colleagues and clients, and always adhering to the values he began his career with, Ken is the go-to contractor for luxury homes. Add his commitment to giving back and his ability to solve any construction problem, and you can see why clients return to him again and again. (Although he might say it’s really just his sense of humor.)

Jack: Senior Supervisor, Son of a Builder, Problem Solving Perfectionist.

At five, Jack was already learning building’s tricks of the trade from his dad. A true professional, he oversees every aspect of every job site, from process to methods, big picture to miniscule detail. He’s a stickler about maintaining high standards. Because Jack’s never met a problem he couldn’t solve, it’s no surprise that he’s known as one of the best in the biz. He’s worked with Ken for more than two decades. In his spare time, he spends time with his family, and stays busy skiing, golfing and mountain biking.

Tommy: Site Supervisor, Fixer, Funny Guy.

Tommy began his career as a carpenter and spent several years as a framer, before Ken noticed his big heart and superior skill, and brought him onboard, where he’s been ever since. With years of experience and skill behind him, Tommy’s responsible for ensuring job sites run smoothy, resolving any potential issues and difficulties. He keeps things light with his sense of humor, both at work, and at home with his wife and four kids.

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Patrick: Chief Operating Officer, Manager Extraordinaire, Team Cheerleader.

With experience in construction and development, as well as senior housing operations and asset management, Patrick supports back-of-house functions including contract administration, human resources, and working alongside Ken in business development at Kenneth Vona and Son Construction. His enthusiastic and supportive attitude offers positive team spirit to the whole crew. When he’s not busy working, he’s grateful to spend time with his wife, two daughters, and large extended family. And if a funny story will make someone’s day better, you can count on Patrick to tell it.

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Conor: Project Supervisor, Organizational Guru, Beard Enthusiast.

Immigrating from Ireland 30 years ago, Conor has been an important part of Ken’s team for almost 25 of those years. Creative and organized, Conor seamlessly works with both design professionals, as well as clients. He also keeps a keen eye on project flow and safety on the job. A proud dad, he’s a photography fanatic, loves to make sourdough bread, and brew unusual IPA beer. In December, some accuse him of a particular side hustle!

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Mike: Project Manager, Coordination Superstar, Soccer Dad.

Mike coordinates projects from beginning to end, interacting with clients, and interfacing with architects and designers. He’s also responsible for project flow. His construction management background has made him an invaluable leader. When he’s not working, you can find him with his two young sons on the soccer field. Score!

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Ari: Director of Millwork, Artisan, Boy Dad.

When you see Ari’s exquisite millwork, cabinetry, and trim, it’s abundantly clear that not all artists use canvas. Leading a team of talented craftspeople, Ari creates the kind of unique finishes that make Kenneth Vona & Son Construction homes stand out. With precision and pride in everything he creates, Ari approaches every project with vision, skill, and an artist’s eye. Ari is the doting father of two boys who keep him busy on the sports fields year-round.  He also loves to travel with his family, finding inspiration for the art and craft he and his team have become known for.

Jodi: Millwork Designer, Space Transformer, Yellow Lab Lover.

Jodi is the Millwork  Designer at Kenneth Vona Millwork. For more than 27 years, she’s been specializing in the design of stylish, interesting, and exceptionally crafted millwork all over the country.  Which means Jodi really delivers when it comes to advising and supporting clients with the planning and building of any style, genre, or size cabinetry from elaborate to eclectic, rustic to modern, in kitchens, entryways, and bedrooms.  In fact, she is a whiz at any millwork you need or want anywhere in your home. Her breadth of knowledge, innovative thinking, and savvy advice always surpasses expectations. When she’s not at KVM magically transforming spaces, you can find her hiking with her two adorable Yellow Labs. 

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Denise: Chief Financial Officer, Administrative Whiz, Wearer of Many Hats.

Denise has been working for Ken for the past 20 years. In fact, she came out of retirement when Ken told her about his new company, Kenneth Vona and Son Construction (much to her husband, kids, and grandkid’s dismay)! She oversees everything from company supplies, to accounting, payroll, and other critical administrative functions. Whether it’s her biological family or her work family, Denise is always there to lend a hand.

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Steven: Project Supervisor, Task Master, Golf Maniac.

Steve is a commanding presence who oversees the workflow of projects and the coordination of subcontractors. His mission: Get the job done!  He has a high bar for quality and refuses to compromise. With a background in engineering, Steve has a particular passion for high-end residential construction. He’s a proud dad, whose work and travel have brought him from Chicago to London, but never without his golf clubs!

Tara: Marketing Director, Brand Cheerleader, Mom of Two.

Tara is in charge of all things marketing for the company, and is also part of the Executive Team. From developing strategy to choosing media, overseeing advertising, and attending industry events, Tara’s committed to letting the world know this is a brand who stands for exceptional craftsmanship, as well as values like integrity and honesty. Her 25 years of experience make her a smart, savvy marketing leader. She also has another full-time job, which is being a mom to two teenagers!

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Kevin: Project Manager, Solution Seeker, Dad.

A new member of the team, Kevin brings industry experience, fresh ideas, and a systems approach to the team. This includes preparing project estimates, coordinating subcontractors, and communicating project schedules. Kevin knows how to find a solution to any issue and bring a calm influence to any challenge. When he isn’t working, he spends time with his wife and plays dad to his son and his two dogs.

Team member of Kenneth Vona & Sons Construction
Tim: Project Supervisor, Detail Tamer, Extreme Sports Enthusiast.

Tim is hands-on, often found in the middle of the work, and knows that no detail is too small to pay careful attention to. Tim has worked on many residential remodels and has supervised building new homes from start to finish. While he loves spending time doing things like snowboarding, mountain biking, and other extreme sports, his biggest passion is, without a doubt, building.

Eric: Safety Manager, Military Guy, Nature Lover.

With his background in the military, Eric does his job with precision. Since protecting his team is of the utmost importance to Ken, Eric checks more than 65 areas of each building site to ensure every safety standard is being met. He reviews everything from fire hazards and electrical issues to the condition of heavy equipment and power tools. Which is part of the reason Ken has such a superior safety record. When Eric isn’t playing it safe, he’s exploring nature, hiking, biking, fishing and skiing.