The Sky’s The Limit.

One of our latest projects is located on a majestic street in Brookline, known for its exquisite estates. This renovation of an older home has some very interesting features. One of them is a skylight–an intricate and complex detail that transforms the space it inhabits into a work of art. 

When the details are more complex, our craftsmen’s work is supported by Computerized Numerical Control (CNC), a process in which computer software dictates the movement of factory machinery and tools, resulting in accurate precision. CNC takes less time, reduces waste, and eliminates human error. It was ideal for something as complex as the configuration of this intricate skylight. 

A cylindrical light tube allows the sun from the exterior courtyard to shine down into a hallway that connects two parts of the home, creating a stunning atmosphere.

We’re always looking for the best ways to make our client’s visions come to life, and in this case, come to light!  We’ll update you with the finished home in the coming months. Follow along!